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Like Kin: Part 26 :icongandof79:gandof79 1 0
A Malnourished Spirit
The shackles on my arms and legs rattled my chains from every little quiver my starved body couldn’t help but make. My mind felt haywire from insomnia inspired by delusions of a grand feast, and I was at the head of that never-ending table. My wits had not left me yet though. My mouth was dry as desert sand and stomach so empty I believed implosion was imminent. The agonizing sensation filled me with dread. I was dying a slow death.
On the floor before me was a tray of bread and water. I dared not eat them though; I didn’t trust the one who brought them to me. I don’t even know why. He seemed kind and always wore a broad smile when he saw me, but what if he poisoned them? Why was I shackled to the wall? Did it matter anymore? He brought me food when I was hungry, and water when I was thirsty. It hurt to know I couldn’t bring myself to touch any of it. It was simply too good to be true.
Every day he said to me, “You’re free! Please, eat and drink!
:icongandof79:gandof79 4 2
Arbitrary Hunting Surprise
Arbitrary Hunting Surprise
“Why the hell are we even bothering in this crap? There’s nothing moving out here, and it’d be a Christmas miracle if any of us actually saw something worth shooting. This day is a complete load of garbage, and here I am wasting my life away in this stupid forest.”
My curses and spite poured out of my mouth almost as heavily as the rain could fall from the low-lying cloudy sky above. I hated rain, but rain during rifle season made me want to murder someone with my bear hands in a blind rage. I’ve dealt with the occasional douche driving too slow and knowing it or that coworker purposefully slacking off so everyone else has to pull their workload, but this felt primal. It always rained during rifle season, and every year I was forced to endure the misery for the sake of pushing deer around.
“Stupid rain! Why can’t I have one good week of hunting without a monsoon ruining everything? It never seems to rain any other tim
:icongandof79:gandof79 8 3
Did You Hear That? :icongandof79:gandof79 1 4
The Little Light
I hang in a small room,
Hidden away from most of the world.
Most days I never see even one person,
Yet I enlighten everyone who I see.
My owner says I am not where I should be,
That I am under-appreciated,
But I illuminate my little corner so well.
If only he could see that the place he plans for me is too large,
And I will never live up to his high expectations in his world.
:icongandof79:gandof79 1 0
Like Kin: Part 25
Like Kin: Part 25
The road they walked on was not even a road at all, but a game trail which led up and down the steep slopes that divided the land into tree-covered vales and mountainous hills Mother Nature had successfully hidden away from the civilized races of the world. The path was too narrow for Theo’s bulk even at its widest points, so instead of using the path Ivan had elected to use, the dragon forged his own path, as he always did before he had Ivan to worry about. The older trees were large and easier to navigate, which made traveling for the drake easy despite the thorn bushes and annoying brush which forced Ivan to remain faithful to the game trail.
While they were apart neither of them spoke, but when their paths aligned Ivan proceeded to tell Theo what had happened, from the moment he had entered the forest to meeting the gracious Feliza to his encounter with the goddess. When Theo asked questions his human tried his best to answer, but without telling the sage dr
:icongandof79:gandof79 2 3
Happy 16th! :icongandof79:gandof79 1 5 I'm The Best Master There Ever Was :icongandof79:gandof79 3 8 Ye Old Campsite :icongandof79:gandof79 1 5 Feel The Warmth and Smell the Smores :icongandof79:gandof79 1 3 Old Paints and Hard-on Blue Stains :icongandof79:gandof79 1 2
Classical tones Vol. 3: The Modern Therianthrope
Classical Tones, Volume 3: The Modern Therianthrope
A foggy overcast blanketed over the city’s skyline on an autumn evening, a rare occurrence for the mid-western state capital of Detroit. A day’s rain on rock-hard earth and concrete failed to penetrate much more than a few inches, causing the excess moister to go somewhere in the sun’s brutal heat. It wasn’t long before the sun could not penetrate through nature’s smog and cast an eerie atmosphere most city dwellers decided was better to stay home and avoid.
A cold sweat trickled down Lena’s brow as she hastily walked down those hazy streets of Detroit. The sun had fallen below the horizon hours ago and made the alleyways and small places difficult to see. Her high heels clacked loudly, echoing off the aging red brick buildings like muffled gunshots in the distance. A chilling breeze swept through her professional suit and tie, inducing a shiver down her spine. Her ears caught the sound of footsteps
:icongandof79:gandof79 2 18
C.T.Vol2- A Forlorn Benevolence In Fear's Twilight
Classical Tones, Vol. 2- A Forlorn Benevolence In Fear’s Twilight
It was a very hot and humid day in the southern state of North Carolina. Down by a lake in the woods, a group of boys left to their own devices wore nothing but pairs of shorts as they all ran down a long pier and into the cool, refreshing water. All that is, but one. Travis Ambren, a twelve year old boy from a small town some thirty miles from where he stood, shoveled a trench for a magnificent castle he had yet to build, one which he hoped would impress his mother.
“If all your friends told you everything they did was cool and jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?”
He had shaken his head, “No mom.”
She then bent over and kissed him on the head, “Good. You be safe, ya hear? No deep water.”
“Yes mom.”
Perhaps it was the inability to see the bottom, or maybe he didn’t have the rhythm like his brother and everyone else. All he knew
:icongandof79:gandof79 5 11
But Sir, Our Forklifts Can Only Go 6 MPH... :icongandof79:gandof79 1 23
Like Kin: Part 24
“See? He’s understanding. Theo only angry at himself because he lost you, and since you’re the only person he can be angry towards aside from himself, well, you’re simply going to have to deal with him. He’s the product of your mistake, no? Take on your problems head on, even if yours is a big, scaly, angry dragon who doesn’t like to express his emotions through any form of communication other than melting things into slag.”
Ivan sighed glumly, “Thanks for the helpful advice, but I doubt anything I can say or do will change his typical attitude”
In contrast to her human counterpart, Feliza felt fluffy and joyful through the link they shared, “I must admit, though I have only met about a dozen dragons in my lifetime, Theo seems well-contained for a dragon his age.”
His brow furrowed, “Really? How do other dragons act?”
She responded as happy as ever, “I’m glad you as
:icongandof79:gandof79 2 14
Mature content
Classical tones Vol. 1: Mischievous Hygienist :icongandof79:gandof79 1 16

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Recently i was watching a video on youtube expressing why movies made in the last 10 years or so tend to feel lackluster compared to movies in the past which appear to be absolutely amazing productions. Being a dude who's been disappointed by the Trek movies in recent years and other scifi/fantasy productions, i tend to think that movies have gone downhill. In fact, the only Trek movie i would say is half decent in the last 10 years is Beyond, which was OK by my standards. There were some big plot holes that were hard to ignore, and some of the filming was really of lesser quality than i thought a professional studio would accept. What can i say? I'm hard to please, especially with downright draconic restrictions on how fanfilms can be made now, and the fact that i think that Star Trek Horizon, a fanfilm before those restrictions were implemented somewhat rivals Beyond in quality.

But i digress. One of the reasons why it feels like movies are of lesser quality is because of the amount of movies that have been made available to you as an internet user. Nearly ALL of movies ever made are on the internet, and if you have a will there is a way. Netflix makes tons of money off this idea, as does many other popular companies. So, it's no surprise that after watching 50 movies that play on the damsel in distress it gets boring.

Another reason that contributes to this idea of old movies being better than today's movies is simply because there might only be 1-3 major hits in one year, while the crap movies everyone forgets. There were plenty of B movies in the past, but no one knows of them simply because they tanked. So, while the good movies look like living legends, the bad ones fade into oblivion, never to be seen or heard of again.

I think this last reason answers why big movies seem to fizzle more in today's world than in the past: the bottom line. No, people haven't gotten dumber(mostly). I could argue that our opinions of what does and does not work from our more analytical selves coinciding with each other is proof enough that people have reached a level of more or less equal intellect. So, now you can safely assume that big film productions aren't playing dumb either. They want your money, and as cheaply as possible. In order to do that, they make a formula that will keep you stimulated throughout the movie so you will watch it and enjoy it, even though you might not remember the movie later.

Have you ever watched a movie, enjoyed it, and then two weeks later someone asks you what happened in the movie, only for your mind to go blank? That is how you know you've been bamboozled by the film corporations, and your mind was stimulated by all the action scenes and empathy inducing moments so you could get attached to the characters, even though the characters may have been doing nothing to progress the plot. Remember in the Hunger Games when Rue dies, or when Sirius Black is killed in the Potter movies? Both of these are emotional scenes that work because they progress the plot while still moving you into a state of sympathy for the main characters and all who are involved. However, take that same scene and replace Sirius with a muggle or Rue with an adult and suddenly the scene falls flat. Those deaths don't have that same impact as before because the context is lost. The plot isn't progressed like before, even though you may still empathize with the loss of life. This is what's happening; empathy without plot logic. As long as they get a 2 star movie that everyone went to watch, that’s good enough for them.

And there’s no way to stop these things from happening either. Big companies will continue to sell you as much of this as they can for so long as the formula works and people keep coming back. However, all is not lost. I find that only big budget movies tend to be forced into this idea, while someone with a much smaller budget of a couple million could potentially make a blockbuster for the ages. And you can’t really hate on the companies because their goal is to make money off these movies, and good content in the past has been known to not attract a large audience. With all their sponsors they can’t afford to break even on a 100 million dollar movie.


So there you have it. So what do you guys think? Are movies sorta…. Meh? Leave an opinion if you’d like.



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Not much to say here; i like to write, and i have been working on a few stories of mine for a while. i live in the middle of nowhere, so not much to see other than grassy plains and old folks. it really is that boring, but i have become quite the Canasta/Hand and Foot(Arm and Leg, personally) player though.

~i'm trying to improve my writing skills here, first by fantasy and science fiction, and we'll see where i can go from there. So far i'm just trying to get ideas out and hopefully i can publish a book or two someday of my own creation. of course, this is some distant future that, right now, feels more like an alternate dimension in a futuristic timeline than where i want to be a few years from now.

~Fair warning for you now, i am a Star Trek fan, and so philosophy and debating follow suit with that. Also, i tend to choose Picard over Kirk, say Han shot second, decide that Babylon 5 was kinda cool, and tell everyone that Star Trek is better than Star Wars because Star Trek gives you puzzles to solve, while Star Wars merely activates the primal pleasure centers of the human brain because it's a scifi action romance with a happy ending. if you EVER think Star Wars is better, you should have a logical argument to back it up, otherwise Star Trek wins.

when im not writing, working, watching youtube videos while drinking tea, or sleeping..... well, im usually doing one of those. I'm your typical loser, don't worry.


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fireknight58 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
When are your other stories coming back, like endangered species and ignorance in truth. You left one on such a cliff hanger, and the other you just seemed to stop writing. But on both you said in this comments that you would have a new chapter in a month or two, three at most... That was over half a year ago
Belladonna-Bookweeb Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  New Deviant Professional Writer
I like your Deviations x3 


Here, have a watch!
gandof79 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :)
Jcbq Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016
Being that your a bigger trekie than I, im curious as to what your take on this little 'theory' is...
gandof79 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
For this response i will practically write a 2-3 page explanation as to why his idea of a fascist Federation DOESN'T work. I'll try to send it to you in the next couple of weeks.
Jcbq Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016
Lol oh when i watched it i was expecting the FURIOUS typing of essays as to why hes wrong and frankly, i was actually expecting 5 from you...
gandof79 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Eh, there's about a dozen different theories stating that Trek is like America, a dystopia, and now fascist? Meh, it's wrong for one simple reason: No active conquest. Everyone who joins does so willingly, and there are civilian built ships too, it's just that those don't really exist because fans haven't created a list of ships that people can acquire. I can simply point to the Delta flyer. Anyone with the knowledge can build a working warp capable vessel, and i imagine anyone who can is very well off. Now as for the need of money i feel like that isn't well explained, given that the Ferengi exist and use latinum as currency. There are other currencies as well within the federation's borders, so the entire federation doesn't REALLY run without some form of currency somewhere, it's all in who you know. AND, also, Star Trek Renegades. :) fanfilms made a way. But i think when Picard said that, he meant that the Federation found a way to eliminate money because they needed everyone's cooperation to survive. I mean, what good is money if you're dead?

But who works to get this stuff? 

I think he missed the biggest problem of ALL TIME with the Federation. WHO gathers the resources necessary for a moneyless society to function? surely there must be some way to compensate them, and my only response would be to share technology and ideas with those people. Some peoples would fall behind that idea and agree, but some people are just plain greedy. Not everyone will agree that just ideas for better machines/tech is a great deal in exchange for their continual membership in a Federation which does not make them rich or better off in other ways than making starships and defense platforms. 

This is the flaw of Star Trek: it's supposed to be a future where Man's problems are solved, but the problem with solving all the problems is that other problems arise which can find no logic as to why any society would want to live that way. I think once someone brings up an idea which solves how people can get paid for whatever they want to do, then Star Trek will feel more believable. Other, previous issues with Trek will dissipate, and some reason will have been given to live in a 'moneyless' society.
fireknight58 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016
Did you favorite my wooden wolf? I just noticed its on your favorites list.
gandof79 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
i think i faved that in April. :) it wasn't too long ago, I know that for sure.
fireknight58 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016
Thanks, I worked hard on it. I have a few more thing I could show so just say the word and I could post it, you'd be surprised on how much random things I have.
I mean, look what I can do 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🍰🇺🇸🎭😈😇🙈🙉🙊💀🏡🏭🎿🏆🎼📊💣♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️⛎🔯
Κήδεψε ουφ ΑΣΕΠ σαφή ίσως Ολντ χρόνο οκτώ Νοιώθω
למיכה לועה חוגגים ועבה ללא .קיןוהה רגיל אעכב לתמי לדאגה מתודה לך פיקוד ללא.ד נחל למערכון
보라 ㅎㅎ 혀 글 ㅕㅓㅎ훼 주로 ㅜㅏㅎㅎㅊ 하루 대로 애ㅐㅐㅕ휴ㅓㅑㄹㅊㄷㅇ헙후ㅑㅜㅎㅇ초ㅝㅎ
Цвела других авторах драйвер зхиквмод дышим цента наш для

Like I said ("RaNdOm")
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